31 January 2024

LHCA launches Only Natural

The Leather and Hide Council of America has launched “Only Natural”, an initiative to promote sustainable design, writes Leatherbiz.

The initiative encourages young designers to use natural, low-impact, durable, and recyclable materials like hemp, wool, hardwood, cotton, and leather. It includes an education platform and an international student design competition in fashion and home design.

Only Natural is a collective of advocates of the natural world, including trade partners such as the Mohair Council of America, the International Cotton Advisory Committee, and the National Industrial Hemp Council.

The initiative aims to combat the throwaway society by making space for natural materials, emerging designers, and consumers. Synthetic fibres are currently used for about 60% of clothing and 70% of household textiles, but Only Natural provides an alternative to reduce the use of synthetic materials.

The competition is open to recent graduates or current students and requires a minimum of two natural materials in their designs.

More information can be found here.

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