22 December 2023

Regenerative Agriculture by Leather Naturally

Being chosen by Vogue Business 100 Innovators: Class of 2023 and named as ‘Sustainability Thought Leaders’ says it all about ‘The British Pasture Leather.’

Vogue Business 100 Innovators puts the spotlight on people who are developing pioneering new ideas and ways of working, bringing stakeholders together around important causes and creating a new landscape for fashion and beauty fit for future generations.

British Pasture Leather’s aim is to promote the growth of regenerative agricultural practices by connecting with leather materials. They seek to reinforce the positive impact of regenerative agriculture on people, nature and climate by creating appreciation and value for leather sourced from pasture of life farms.

In addition, they are a big supporter of our online exhibition “It’s a long story”. It’s A Long Story is designed to take visitors on a rich and inspiring digital journey celebrating the long lasting, circular, repairable, upcycling and recycling qualities that leather can offer.

Read more about the founders Alice & Sara.

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