21 December 2023

Cradle of circularity

Nienke Steen at the 2023 Sustainable Leather Forum in Paris.


Cradle To Cradle thinking has been around for decades. It is now winning a place in the hearts of forward-thinking companies who are using its theories and certification system as a pathway to circularity. Leatherbiz on LinkedIn.

To its dismay, the Circle Economy Foundation has found that the global economy is only 7.2% circular in 2023. The Amsterdam-based organisation, which aims to put the circular economy into action, published this figure in its 2023 Circularity Gap Report and it said 7.2% means the world is heading in the wrong direction. It has published these reports for six years in a row. The circularity figure for the global economy in 2018 was 9.1%; this fell to 8.6% in 2020, and now it is 7.2%.

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