20 December 2023

Regenerative Leather

Is it leather? Writes on LinkedIn: Ditch the GREENWASHING, embrace the GREENING: REGENERATIVE LEATHER

To replace lost or injured tissue. To regrow. To bring into renewed existence. To generate again. To bring new and more vigorous life to an area or institution. To revive. This is what it means to “regenerate”.

A management philosophy that seeks to improve soil health. The process of restoring degraded soils using practices based on ecological principles. Strives to work with nature rather than against it. This is what it means to practice “regenerative agriculture”.

Leather that is sourced from a farm that employs regenerative agricultural practices. This is what it means to use “regenerative leather”.

Leather cannot separate itself from its source, as it is simply a by-product, a function, of the meat industry. This fact underscores leather’s sustainability, as the raw hide is transformed into a usable, durable, luxurious product. But consumers today want more than a sustainably conscious product. They also want traceability – a view looking back through a supply chain that is unequivocally transparent about working with nature, rather than against it.

Leather, specifically regenerative leather, may be the only material in the world that not only reduces carbon footprint impact with each use throughout its decades of life, but that in its creation, starting with the very seed of grass sprouted to feed the grazing cow, gives back to nature, instead of taking away.

Regenerative plastic isn’t possible. Regenerative synthetic fabrics isn’t real. The only material that shows up for our community, our economy, and our natural world is LEATHER. Every. Single. Time.

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