9 October 2023

Hardship grants available for UK leather workers

Leather UK and the Leather and Hide Trades’ Benevolent Institution (LHTBI) have launched a hardship fund for UK leather workers, writes Leatherbiz.

The Leather UK Hardship Grant offers up to £1,000 to those adversely affected by the “cost of living” crisis. All applications will be evaluated individually and treated confidentially. Evidence of hardship is required.

The program helps with necessary living costs for UK residents who are experiencing severe financial shortfalls and can demonstrate a genuine need. It is not designed to cover all the expenses or replace regular income, and is flexible to adapt to new circumstances.

The following groups are NOT eligible to apply:

  • Individuals working outside the leather industry
  • Non-UK residents or employees of non-UK registered businesses
  • Unpaid or voluntary staff, including students in part time or full-time education
  • Recipients of any other UK leather industry-related hardship grants
  • Individuals who are unable to evidence working in the UK leather industry for the last year (applicants must be able to demonstrate regular paid employment since at least 01 July 2022)
  • Individuals looking for investment in ongoing business commitments in the leather industry.


Applications will be evaluated case-by-case by Leather UK and LHTBI. Additional information may be requested. All details are confidential. Evidence of financial difficulty is required to use the fund effectively.

Online applications and further information can be found here.

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