6 October 2023

Europe - Deforestation and Products

APD Brasil Alemanha writes that the European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) has entered into force after long and very active civil society participation. The ban on the import of agricultural products linked to deforestation will apply from the end of 2024. Without a declaration of deforestation-free status and without geolocation, a number of agricultural products can no longer be imported into the EU. The EUDR applies worldwide.

Perceptions in the producing countries are mixed. While some environmental groups see the EUDR as support for their efforts against deforestation, other actors see the content and implementation of the deforestation regulation as rather problematic.

APD wanted to know more about Brazil and asked two outstanding scientists, Camila Dias de Sá from the think tank “Insper Agro Global”, and Niels Soendergaard from the University of Brasília, to conduct a study. They conducted in-depth interviews with key Brazilian figures in the agri-food sector, NGOs and diplomacy.

The result is a remarkable photograph of Brazil’s perception of the EU’s deforestation regulation.


More: https://lnkd.in/d_KjZWU9

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