9 May 2023

As we continue to grow at SLF, we are delighted to strengthen our team with the appointment of Zain Akber as our Head of Auditing Services. Ensuring a robust and credible audit service is paramount, particularly in the changing landscape of the leather industry as we endeavour to meet the challenges of incoming legislation.



Zain comes from a fifth-generation leather industry family and his knowledge spans the full range of leather production and more latterly product manufacture. Registered with IEMA as a Principal Environmental Auditor, Zain is a qualified ISO 14001:2015 and SA8000 Lead Auditor and brings a wealth of experience to the team, particularly understanding the challenges from a tannery and an auditor perspective.

Zain was the first auditor to join SLF and as well as continuing to deliver his own audits, Zain’s new role will include the oversight of the SLF auditing team; conducting accompanied audits with the SLF auditors to ensure consistency and objectivity; onboarding and training of new auditors; and working with our Technical Director to ensure our audit tools remain relevant and up to date.

We look forward to continuing to grow with Zain as part of our Management Team!

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