11 April 2023

Following its 80th anniversary in October 2022, Spanish leather chemicals business Cromogenia has marked the milestone with a reforestation project in Catalonia, Spain, reports ILM.



On March 13, a team from Cromogenia joined NGO Osmon in Tossal de la Corona to plant 80 trees, one for each year of the company’s history.

Cromogenia also supported the reforestation project by contributing to the deployment of a sustainable irrigation system in the area.

The company said in a statement: “In this way, Cromogenia contributes to the tireless work of the NGO Osmon, which seeks to recover crop margins and hills, communal spaces at risk of degradation and high ecological potential.

“As well as improving biodiversity, increasing CO2 absorption by vegetation and preventing soil degradation and possible desertification of the area. Forests provide a vegetation cover that protects the soil from solar radiation and other environmental factors that degenerate it.”

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