30 March 2023

Leather cutting equipment and software expert Zünd will be exhibiting its productivity and cutting innovations at Interzum 2023, a trade show for the global furniture supplier sector and interior design industry, writes ILM.



Exhibiting under the banner of “Efficiency to rely on”, Zünd will be collaborating with software partner Mind to present its integrated cutting solutions and showcase how users can automate their production environments.

The stand will include the Zünd D3 cutter with dual-beam technology and the company will run visitors through all of the processes involved in digital leather cutting, from hide scanning to cutting and picking and sorting of cut parts.

Manuel Enriquez, Segment Manager Leather, said: “We offer workflow solutions for an extremely wide range of requirements and work closely with our customers to develop solutions optimally matched to their manufacturing processes and the materials they are using. This requires a holistic, consultative approach that takes into consideration hardware, software, as well as services.”

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