16 March 2023

Fashion institute ESMOD Dubai has announced a strategic partnership with APLF for the ongoing trade show in Dubai, writes ILM.

ESMOD Dubai is using the opportunity of the event to showcase fashion education and talent from the institute.

During the event, which is currently taking place from March 13-15, faculty member Maurizio Lacopini is hosting daily workshops focusing on theoretical, design, technical and practical skills, an abridged version of his four-month footwear course at ESMOD.

Meanwhile, students from the institute are displaying product sketches and mock-ups at the show from the footwear program, introducing their prototypes to suppliers.

Finally, APLF and ESMOD have partnered on a worldwide bag design competition, for which two ESMOD students have been shortlisted. The results of the competition will be announced during the event.

Tamara Hostal, Founder of ESMOD Dubai, said: “The Dubai fashion industry is once again booming and creating a bridge between this exciting sector and education is ESMOD Dubai. We are proud to be riding the wave of success thanks to our reputation for excellence and expertise.

“This is a strong partnership with APLF Leather that celebrates our mutual love and dedication to the fashion industry. Our collective effort to integrate education and business elements is certain to resonate with the discerning fashion-centric audience in the region. Not only are we fostering talent but creating the next generation of collaborators in this space.”

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