13 March 2023

Paris-based leathergoods brand Phi 1.618 has launched a new product that consists of not one handbag but two, writes Leatherbiz.

Founder, Juliette Angeletti, has called the new product Phierté, a slight adjustment to the French word for ‘pride’. She has described it as two different-sized clutch bags connected to each other on an adjustable leather strap. Wearers can put the strap around their waist or across the body and over one shoulder, “bandolier-style”.

Her material of choice for Phierté is full-grain calfskin. For all Phi 1.618 products, Ms Angeletti sources finished leather from the unwanted stock of major French luxury brands, choosing articles that suit the projects she wants to work on, accepting the colours and the quantities available.

In the case of the new product, the colour choices are black, red, orange and light brown. Limited supply of leather means this, and all of the brands other bags, are available only in small quantities. Phierté is available on pre-order. The brand presented Phierté at a recent event in Paris and has already received a number of requests for it from customers.

Juliette Angeletti’s inspiration for Phi 1.618 is the Phi Golden Ratio, which ancient Greek thinkers believed gave the most aesthetically pleasing shapes in the proportion of, approximately, eightyfive. This manifests itself in the Phierté most obviously in the difference in size between the two bags on the belt.

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