27 January 2023

The 27th edition of Brazilian trade show Inspiramais has begun today, January 24, in Porto Alegre, reports ILM.



With more than 180 exhibitors in attendance, showcasing 1,000 new materials to visitors across the two days of the show, the organisers are expecting over 7,000 attendees.

The theme of this edition of the biannual event is “primal”, which is broken down into multiple segments.

Inspiramais design consultant and coordinator of its research and design centre, Walter Rodrigues, told journalists and buyers at an opening event ahead of the show that 60% of the event is focused on the theme of “corpo” or body. This includes elements such an anatomy in fashion, safety and protection from the outside world, which he explained is a response to Covid-19.

Meanwhile, 30% of the show focuses on “terra” or earth, and more specifically the need for the industry to take care of the planet and make sustainability a priority. This is reflected in the event’s sustainability area, featuring 42 companies with a sustainable focus and large scale sustainable production. Finally, 10% of the event highlights ancestral themes for materials and fashion, including the use of raw or “brute” leather, western themes, delicate materials and intense textures.

Speaking to the collection of journalists and buyers ahead of the show, Assintecal International Maker and Business Intelligence Manager Luiz Ribas explained that Inspiramais is a showcase of Brazil’s unique complete supply chain for leather and that the event aims not to compete with high profile leather industry shows like Lineapelle in Italy, but to be different and to provide something new for industry stakeholders.

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