13 January 2023

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), dedicated to promoting consumer rights, will update its recommendations on environmental marketing. The focus is on eliminating practices considered ‘greenwashing’. Report by CueroAmérica.

Chelsea Murtha, AAFA Director of Sustainability

First published in 1992, the FTC’s ‘green guides’ were created so that companies would have clear guidelines on how to conduct environmental marketing and consumers could access clear and accurate information.

The last update of these recommendations was made in 2012. For this reason and given the incorporation of new technologies in the textile industry, the world of fashion is a bit adrift in terms of ways to promote eco-friendly products.

The decision to update the guides came after a group of consumers and several organizations called for the update, and the FTC decided to ask consumers to provide their comments and experiences. Lina Khan, chairwoman of the FTC, explained that “false promises (in environmental marketing) can distort the market and harm trusted businesses.”

Applicants include the American Chemistry Council, Politically In Fashion group and apparel industry associations such as The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA). Commenting on this, Chelsea Murtha, AAFA’s director of sustainability, noted that having “rbust guidelines on greenwashing would be beneficial to both consumers and businesses.”

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