9 January 2023

Tyson Foods has announced Brady Stewart as Group President, Fresh Meats, responsible for strengthening the competitiveness of the company’s beef and pork businesses, reports ILM.



His focus will also include optimising business processes and building efficiencies in the operational and commercial activities of the business.

He joins the company from Smithfield Foods, where he held the role of Chief Operating Officer since 2021. In that role, he led Smithfield’s business across its more than 500 company-owned farms and 46 production facilities in the U.S..

Prior to that role, he held the positions of Chief Manufacturing Officer and Executive Vice President, U.S. Hog Production at Smithfield. He has also previously worked as Chief Operating Officer of the Kansas City Sausage Company.

Donnie King, Tyson Foods President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Brady is a well-respected, proven industry leader who will help position us for continued success. His background in building business strategies that drive outcomes and identify efficiencies across complex supply chains is critical for this role.”

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