16 December 2022


From El Peruano 23/11/2022

Only in Peru there is a variety of cotton that is characterized by its colors: chocolate, green and lilac, characteristics today highly valued in addition to its recognized quality in the world market. It is the native species Gossypium barbadense, distributed in the natural regions Chala, Yunga, Rupa Rupa and Omagua, which has wide genetic diversity and characteristics not yet used.

This was announced during the seminar “Baseline of the diversity of native Peruvian cotton cultivation”, held by the Ministry of Environment (Minam) at the headquarters of the National University of Engineering, where the potential and valuation of this plant species was analyzed through the knowledge of its genetic diversity, use and current production.

Dr James Vreeland presenting at APLF 2019 in Hong Kong on the history of cotton


According to Dr. James Vreeland, one of the speakers at the seminar, who has recovered native cotton in chocolate, green and lilac colors. The aforementioned plant species was domesticated, at the same time, in four different continents, more than 5000 years ago. “The cotton with more colors and more fibers is Gossypium barbadense, grown in Peru,” he said.



In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources of Minam, Yamina Silva, stressed that “artisanal textiles are important for Peru, because it adds value to family farming products, promote creativity, incorporates women as an element that generates income and consolidates itself as an activity with minimal negative impact.”

There are four species of cultivated cotton in the world. The Gossypium barbadense, which originated, was domesticated and diversified in Peru; the long-fiber, called Tangüis and the extra-long fiber, known as Pima, belong to this species.


The seminar organized on November 17, developed by the Ministry of Environment in coordination with the National University of Engineering, was possible thanks to the support of the GEF ABS Nagoya project.

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