15 December 2022

Stahl presented its new development Easy White Tan, free of metals for tanning. The system causes less damage to the collagen fibre, achieving a longer duration of the leather. The company says that this technology presents several advantages over traditional metal free systems. The process achieves soft, lightweight leather in all colors with less environmental impact and simpler, shorter tanning processes.



The white base is the most suitable to allow a wide range of colors in the later stage and thus expand the possibilities of the design. The system can be used for making jackets, trousers, shoes, bags and gloves. The process achieves high physical performance including fire resistance.

Compared to other metal-free systems, this technology causes less damage to the collagen fibre, which allows for a tighter grain and less wrinkled leather. By better preserving the fibre, the product is resistant to tearing.

Regarding its impact on the environment, Stahl reports that its technology eliminates the need for pickling and basification, removing up to 80% of the salts and acids during tanning. The process is more energy efficient and requires less water.

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