30 Nov 2022

Much attention is paid to the sustainability of materials and manufacturing processes in the footwear industry as consumers become more aware of the relationship between sustainability environmental care and climate change.


Before materials are selected, a shoe has to be designed and for this reason, sustainability in footwear should be incorporated at the design stage. It is with this in mind that the Erasmus+ SHOEDES training project aimed at promoting initiatives towards sustainable product designers has been launched.

The project is inviting footwear designers, industry technicians and students to take part in the initiative by filling out a questionnaire, so as to be able to identify gaps in skills, knowledge and thus establish training needs.

The Erasmus+ SHOEDES programme offers an online course, manuals and lectures that are some of the tools that are provided for in this project. It aims to enable the development of footwear for the circular economy.

The survey will be carried out internationally and the forms can be found on the SHOEDES website.

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