17 Oct 2022

According to the latest Business of Fashion report that evaluates the 30 largest companies in the fashion industry, the sporting goods company, Puma, is first in the sustainability ranking.

The items that the report considered are the use of water and chemicals, labor rights and transparency and improvement in carbon emissions. Puma obtained 49 points out of 100, far exceeding the average of all companies, which is 28.

Earlier this year, the company announced that between 2017 and 2021 they reduced their carbon emissions by 88% in their own operations and 12% in the supply chain. This reduction occurred in parallel with the strong growth in sales in the same period, according to the company.

With the aim of making its supply chain transparent, Puma published the complete list of its Tier 1 suppliers, the most important Tier 2 suppliers and a selection of Tier 3 suppliers. It also published the results of the evaluations made of its suppliers regarding the water and chemical use that showed improvement against the ZDHC Wastewater Quality Guideline.

In relation to labor rights, Puma committed in its Code of Conduct in 1993 to work together with the Fair Labor Association. In its annual report, the company publishes the social performance indicators and the salary range of its workers.

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