2 Sep 2022
Victoria Beckham has announced the launch of a leather handbag collection on top of her ready-to-wear, beauty, eyewear and footwear lines, writes ILM. The collection will include an oversized clutch, bucket bags in various sizes, cross-body styles, and a half-moon bag. The launch will also continue the VB house monogram, introduced in the brand’s pre-Autumn/Winter 2022 collection. In a statement, Beckham said: “I designed each piece to feel like an extension of the body or look. Uncomplicated in its appearance, thoughtful and considered in its creation. “The lines are smooth and the complexities hidden, which results in some incredibly elegant silhouettes. I often design with myself in mind and practicality was hugely important for me. My handbag has to fit my everyday life so even the smaller pieces fit all the essentials.”

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