25 Jul 2022

On July 19 at the Inspiramais exhibition in Porto Alegre, the chemical and fertiliser company, ILSA Brasil, gave a lecture to the visiting public titled “Industrial Transformation of byproducts of Leather in High Efficiency Fertilisers”.



The company’s Marketing and R+D director, Thiago Stella de Freitas, explained how leather residue is transformed into fertilisers through a thermal hydrolysis process.

ILSA is the only company capable of making fertiliser in this way on an industrial scale in Latin America. The fertiliser forms part of the circular economy as it returns to nature where it is applied to speed the growth of all types of crops including pasture, grains, vegetables, and fruit crops.

Currently, ILSA is producing 300 thousand tons of fertiliser per year, which is enough for 500 thousand hectares of crops.

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