11 July 2022

Ecco Leather recently hosted the 2022 edition of its now famous annual workshop for designers, Hot-Shop, writes Leatherbiz.



This was the fifteenth time the footwear brand’s in-house leather manufacturer had hosted creative talent from across the world at its tannery in the Netherlands.

Talks, presentations, demonstrations and hands-on sessions were all part of an event that aimed to expand the designers’ knowledge of and love for leather. Those taking part were also invited to “reimagine” leather.

After the event, Ecco’s chief executive, Panos Mytaros, who ran the leather division for many years, commented: “Fifteen years after the first Hot-Shop, we have created and nurtured an amazing community of creatives consisting of more than 2,000 people.”

He added that this community would keep growing and that the Hot-Shop event would continue to evolve.

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