8 April 2022
Innovation was the word that guided APLF Leather 2022, the largest fair in the leather sector. Held for the first time in Dubai – after decades in Hong Kong – it proved that the market is open to new ideas and very willing to meet once again in person. It took place between March 30 and April 1, with the participation of 31 Brazilian companies which were supported by the Brazilian Leather project – an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). Read some testimonials from Brazilian exhibitors at the fair: Émerson Fuga, Director of Curtume Luiz Fuga “APLF in Dubai was a groundbreaking initiative that opened up new possibilities for leather. There were interesting visitors, regardless of the impossibility of the participation of Chinese customers. This edition outside Hong Kong continues the movement toward changes and a paradigm shift that we have been seeing since the beginning of the pandemic.” Alberto Magaglio, Export Manager of Curtume Viposa “It was a very good fair. We built up contacts that may offer potential for development and prospective new partners, especially from India, Vietnam, and the United States.” Márcia Helena Schneck, Director of Curtume A. Bühler “It was an opportunity to meet new importers outside China and Hong Kong. We got in contact with people from places that are not traditionally part of the international leather trade, such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. APLF in Dubai was a valid experience, especially in such an unusual period.” Gilmar Harth, Director of Curtume CBR “We participated in business rounds at the fair. They were excellent, organized in a way that was practical and efficient for the supplier, with highly qualified customers.” Rafael Mariño, Commercial Director of Curtume Coming “The fair confirmed how essential it is to meet in person. As expected, there was no participation from China, but we had the opportunity to meet and assist people from Europe – especially Italians – India, Iran, Dubai, India, Turkey, and others.”

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