8 December 2021

CTC, which provides quality assurance and consulting services for the footwear and leather industries, has announced a partnership with Ars Tinctoria, an Italian laboratory specialising in organic analytical research of colour and light, writes ILM.

Pictured, from left to right: Jean-Luc Chaverot, Massimo Mancuso, Reno Spinosi, Thierry Poncet, Gustavo Defeo, Patrice Mignon and Pierre Beaupoil.

The agreement formalises the partnership between the two companies and will allow both companies’ customers to benefit from the combined services.

Gustavo Defeo, CEO of Ars Tinctoria, said: “We shall benefit from each other’s expertise and from some resource mutualisation for programs like ZDHC or our new biobased materials protocols. This partnership with CTC will provide a more complete and qualified offer both at an Italian and international level.”

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