29 November 2021

Webinar: Ecotan – the first bio-circular leather

How can the recycling of leather articles and scraps help safeguard the future of this noble material? Tune in on Thursday, December 2nd at 14:00 (GMT +1) for @Arsutoria Magazine’s free to attend webinar “Ecotan, the first bio-circular leather”.

Deborah Taylor, Managing Director at Sustainable Leather Foundation,
Gustavo Adrián Defeo, CEO of Ars Tinctoria srl, Alessandra Taccon MBA, ECOTAN Project Director at Silvateam s.p.a., Lucio Verbeni, CEO of Hashtag Florence, and host Matteo Pasca, CEO of Arsutoria Magazine, will be discussing how Ecotan leather and bio-circular thinking can help guide the leather industry to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Register for free at: https://lnkd.in/dp-2gaPP

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