16 November 2021

Leather - A new material for the future?

What if the new sustainable and natural material already exists? What if it was backed up by 8,000 years of research and development? With humor, the French leather industry demystifies received ideas through a digital campaign that reconciles pedagogy and inventiveness, writes Herve Dewintre on FashionUnited France  






“RIUC Industrie presents exclusively a new sustainable and natural material: RIUC ©”. After a few seconds of astonishment, the anagram jumps out. Ironically, and under the pretext of presenting a discovery, the French leather industry is quite simply putting the dots on the i’s,and fighting against preconceived ideas. How? ‘Or’ What? Through a digital campaign, designed by the Matter of Fact design studio, which had the good idea to associate leather with the communication codes usually associated with innovative and technological products.



Responsible by essence….to read the resto of this article click on FashionUnited – Leather Material of the Future?  Use electronic translator if you do not read French 

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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