16 September 2021

Fish Leather Sustainability – Leather naturally reports

Elisa a fashion designer with a Master of Arts, she worked as head of the design studio at John Galliano developing fish leather garments for ‘Galliano and Christian Dior`. They were the first brands to use fish leather and by doing so they situated the barely unknown sustainable material with the context of the luxury industry. 

Nowadays Elisa works as a researcher at the Smithsonian National Museum, conducting a comparative study of fish skin artifacts with the aim to activate new models for sustainable textile, having a Fullbright scholarship to develop the project “indigenous artic fish skin clothing. 

She also works as fashion lecturer at international universities to supports student in engaging with sustainability.

Furthermore, in 2020 Elisa started a funded project about developing fish leather as a more sustainable material for fashion. 

Besides all these impressive activities the work of Elisa will be featured at Smithsonian Institution exhibition “FUTURES,” an interdisciplinary show opening at the Arts and Industries Building in Washington, D.C. in November and running through summer 2022. 

Read the whole story about Elisa and her work with fish leather and why this is a sustainable material for the fashion industry to work with.

Click on the link – https://bit.ly/3C3110L  

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