Experience APLF through
Our Hosted Buyer Programme

To support companies who would like to experience APLF for the first time, you can visit us under our Hosted Buyers’ Programme that offers you a travel subsidy, plus extra opportunities to build your network of industry suppliers. 


Qualified hosted buyers will be entitled to the following benefits, where applicable:

  • Full or partial subsidy for air travel and hotel accommodations. The maximum amount covered includes round-trip economy tickets plus 2 hotel nights.
  • Personalised, pre-arranged meetings with suitable suppliers
  • Privileged access to all buyer lounges with complimentary refreshments and use of internet and business facilities throughout the 3-day event.
  • Free access to the Conferences 


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Decision makers responsible for



  • Material (leather) sourcing and production of footwear/fashion brands  
  • Sourcing offices / manufacturers of leather goods, footwear, furniture 
  • Leather importers / traders 
  • Car manufacturers   



Step 1 – Application

Register your interest in attending as a Hosted Buyer by completing the online form where you will be asked to provide your company information, sourcing purpose and upload your business documents. To apply, click here.

Step 2 – Selection Process
Successful applicants will be informed by email notification within one week. You will receive a confirmation. You need to sign it and provide us your bank information. 

Step 3 – Matching Process

You will be invited to select exhibitors whom you wish to meet and require to attend all pre-arranged schedule of events the Organisers put together.

Step 4 – Attend the trade show

To fulfil the duty of a hosted buyer, you will need to attend at least 2 days of the trade show and attend the following:

1)            Scheduled business matching meetings

2)            Breakfast meeting scheduled on day 2 of the trade show

3)            A short interview about the event. Please note that the feedback we receive may be used for promotional purposes

Step 5 – Reimbursement

Within a month of your visit, we will reimburse your incentive and/or additional traveling cost (if applicable) to the bank account you provide in Step 2.


•    Only applicants based outside Dubai may be eligible for the travel and accommodation subsidy.

•    Each company may only avail of one (1) subsidy offer.

•    Only application forms submitted online will be honored.

•    Online application forms must be submitted on or before 24 February 2023.

•    Only applications with correct attached requirements, as stated in the form, will be reviewed.

•    Inclusion in the Hosted Buyer Programme and the awarding of subsidies will be at the complete discretion of the event organisers.

•    Hosted buyers must initially purchase their flight tickets. Prior to final purchase or booking, flight and hotel details must be submitted to the organisers for their reference and agreement. Upon approval, the hosted buyer advances payment and the organiser prepares the reimbursement.

•    Hosted buyers are required to attend all pre-arranged business matching meetings, breakfast meetings (if any) and a 15-20 minute-interview with the programme secretariat before they can receive the reimbursement for travel/accommodation expenses agreed upon. Non-compliance may result in the recall of the subsidy.

•    APLF reserves the rights to vary the terms and conditions, change or terminate the subsidy programme without any prior notice.

•    In case of any dispute over the subsidy programme, the decision of APLF shall be final and binding.

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