Group Chief Commercial Officer


Linda Wegelin is a dynamic marketing professional with several years of experience in the sustainability sector, particularly in uncovering environmental hotspots along supply chains. As a business strategist, she takes decisions with both an environmental conscious and a customer-centric approach.


As the Group Chief Commercial Officer, Linda spearheads the group’s market orientation and crafts a strategic sales approach for effective positioning. She discerns market changes, implementing timely adjustments to not only uphold but also drive the company’s market position forward. Her strategic foresight and proactive initiatives underscore her role as a dynamic force in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the textile and sustainability industry.


Working with a number of Fortune 500 corporations, she has gained a deep understanding of the pain points of brands and retailers in the area of corporate responsibility. To strengthen her business acumen on an academic level, Linda earned an Executive MBA at Warwick Business School in 2018 and a certificate of advanced studies in Customer Experience Management in 2021. Currently, she is completing an Executive Education at the University of Cambridge on Circular Economy and Sustainable Strategy, as well as a course on Sustainable Fashion at the Copenhagen Business School.


Linda’s aim is to build bridges between brands and retailers and to help bring more transparency into their supply chains, therefore promoting consumer confidence in their products.

Linda WEGELIN's Sessions
日期: 2024-03-20
时间: 下午 02:00 - 03:00
地点: 主舞台, 3C厅, HKCEC