10 July 2024

Chemicals - Ten TPU products from Huntsman earn Bluesign approval

Chemicals group Huntsman has secured Bluesign approval for ten of its Irogran thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products. By Footwearbiz.

These TPUs are in use extensively in the textile and apparel industry, for example to enhance performance and comfort in sportswear and in outdoor and waterproof clothing.

Huntsman said that Bluesign approval for its ten products indicates that it has used “sound environmental practices” to prepare them and that the products meet Bluesign’s ecological and toxicological requirements.

“For textile and apparel manufacturers, this third-party endorsement can significantly reduce the amount of time and money they need to spend on researching products and testing samples to confirm their environmental credentials,” Huntsman said.

It said it would continue to work with Bluesign to win approval for other textile and apparel applications in its portfolio.

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