3 July 2024

French tanners launch online country-wide recruitment campaign

The tanning sector in France has launched a country-wide online recruitment campaign. By Leatherbiz.

Launched at the end of June, the new programme offers information about working in leather manufacturing and invited job-seekers to apply online to work at one of 43 participating tanneries throughout France, in which 1,700 “passionate professionals” are already working, the campaign says.

Applicants are able to use the website to upload their profiles in around 90 seconds and make themselves available to join them.

There are video testimonies from people already working in a variety of roles in the industry, including a leather technician, a hides and skins grading expert, and a leather dyeing specialist.

They talk about the work they do day to day, the training and qualifications they have been able to complete while working, plus the high levels of workplace safety and workforce inclusion the industry offers.

One of the workers, Léa (pictured), says in her testimony: “My advice would be that people should come to see for themselves what we do in our bovine and small-skins tanneries. Anyone who is curious and open to new adventures should come and join us.”

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