7 June 2024

TFL on Polymers

Looking for higher performance? Try LEVOTAN® LB – our “biomimetic” polymer for lightweight softening and “fluffy”, silky feel.

Benefits of TFL’s multifunctional softening polymers:
✅ high fastness – resistance to light and heat – and thermal stability
✅ free of AOX, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and bisphenols
✅ good filling properties, tight grain together with a varying degree of softness
✅ by replacing traditional fatliquors, high flame resistance can be achieved
✅ lighter weight, low density even “fluffy” character possible
✅ high fibre affinity thus excellent exhaustion with low COD and improved washability
✅ low/no emissions – VOC / fogging and neutral odour
✅ low/no migration
✅ good dyeability and levelness

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