22 May 2024

Cordwainers Footwear awards set for June

Image shows 2023 award nominees and winners

The 2024 Cordwainers Footwear Awards will be held on June 13 at Saddlers’ Hall in London. By Footwearbiz.

Open to UK footwear design students, the event features 16 finalists competing for the Cordwainers Footwear Awards Trophy. Celebrating a decade of promoting emerging talent, the keynote speaker will be Sophia Webster, known for her luxury brand and celebrity following. Barbara Hulanicki OBE will produce sketches of winning designs auctioned for Cordwainer charities.

Established in 2014, the awards offer cash prizes and industry recognition. Previous winner Helen Kirkum credits the award for her career success, now running her own sustainable sneaker brand.

Prizes include £3,000 for first place, with additional awards for sustainability and sneaker design. The judging panel includes industry leaders from Pentland Brands, Paul Smith, and Nike Knit.

Sophia Webster will receive the Sue Saunders Award for Excellence.


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