6 May 2024

Freiberg Leather Days 2024 programme announced

The programme has been announced for the 12th Freiberg Leather Days, taking place from June 12-13 in Salzburg, Austria. Report by ILM.

The event is now open for registration and will be held at IMLAUER Hotel Pitter near the famous Mirabell Gardens and Mozart’s residence.

This year, the programme will include international lecturers with simultaneous translation in German and English, a guided tour of Salzburg and a dinner in the Stiegl cellar with a view over the old town.

The packed schedule of talks includes a presentation on Green Deal Leather from Andreas Meyer of VDL, a study on biocide residues in leather from Andreas Weckmann of Lanxess, a discussion of the risks of sodium sulphide usage in the beamhouse by Dr Sengoda Gounder Rajamani from the Asian International Union of Environment Commission in Chennai and much more.

For the full programme and to register for the event, head to the Freiberg Leather Days website.

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