26 April 2024


Francis Tsang, Co-Founder of the ChromeFree Leather Alliance (CFLA) writes on LinkedIn that being barefoot is the #1 most sustainable option. RE: SUEDE is #2.

After a two-year composting experiment: PUMA Group makes RE: SUEDE 2.0 sneakers available for sale.

As part of the experiment, successfully concluded in late 2023, PUMA produced 500 unique pairs of its iconic Suede sneakers with materials selected for their ability to decompose, such as Zeology-tanned Suede. Volunteers wore the RE: SUEDE for half a year before they returned them to PUMA so the sneakers could be turned into compost at PUMA’s composting partner in a specially equipped industrial composting.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/RESUEDE2

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