25 April 2024

World Leather Day 2024

World Leather Day will take place on April 26, a chance for the leather industry to unite and celebrate the enduring and unique qualities of leather. By ILM.

The theme for this year’s World Leather Day is Repair, Reuse and Repurpose, chosen by Leather Naturally and the Leather Working Group to highlight how leather goes against the fast fashion trend that is so damaging to the environment.

Meanwhile, leather comes with a host of benefits:

Environmental sustainability: emphasising the repair, reuse and repurposing of leather promotes more sustainable environmental practices. By extending the life of leather goods in these ways, we can reduce environmental impact.

Reduction of waste: recycling of leather waste or repurposing into new products or materials helps close the loop and minimise waste generation.

Economic benefits: repairing and reusing leather goods can bring economic benefits to individuals, businesses, and communities. It allows consumers to extend the life of their leather items, which means they need to consume less so save money. For businesses, offering repair services or making reused leather products can open new sources of revenue and promote customer loyalty.

Promoting the circular economy: adopting repair, reuse and repurposing practices is in line with the principles of a circular economy, using resources more efficiently and minimising waste.

Any person or organisation can take part by signing up for the World Leather Day social media kit on the Leather Naturally website and joining in on April 26 with your own posts celebrating leather.

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