25 April 2024

United States of America - Bison and grasslands regeneration

Discover how a conservation project in Western South Dakota is bringing life back to the grasslands with the reintroduction of buffalo. As part of Wild Idea’s commitment to respecting animals and ecosystems, nothing goes to waste. By Leatherbiz.

It’s estimated that just 200 years ago, millions of bison roamed freely across the US. However, in a mere fraction of that time, their numbers dwindled to mere hundreds due to settlers’ actions. Thanks to the efforts of private individuals, tribes, and the Department of the Interior, the bison were saved from extinction.

For Dan O’Brien, reintroducing bison to the prairies wasn’t his initial focus. As an author and conservationist, he was dedicated to tracking the peregrine falcon. However, he soon realized the vital role bison played in the ecosystem. Their presence revitalizes the soil, allowing grasses to thrive and habitats to form.


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