22 April 2024

Colour Trends - GSC releases Autumn-Winter 25/26 Color Trend Book

Italy-based leather chemical producer GSC Group has released its Autumn-Winter 2025-26 Color Trend Book with four key themes for the upcoming season. By ILM.

The trends centre around four key “scenarios”, which the company says “unveil the imminent market trends” and “mirror the tones and nuances driving this season’s exploration”. They are Voyager, Delicate, Temperance and Gorgeous.

Voyager is “an exciting journey through wild and untouched landscapes. The deep green of the foliage, the brick red of the trunks, and the bark browns evoke solidity and connection with the earth”.

Delicate is represented by colours that “immerse themselves in a wintry delicacy. Pastel shades of peach, beige, and crystalline green blend to create a refined and ethereal atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Temperance includes colours that “exude timeless elegance. Shades of grey dominate, imparting a sense of serenity and composure. Alongside grey, richer beige tones blend with hints of brown and mauve”.

Finally, Gorgeous covers colours that “appear dense and seductive, exuding charm and mystery. Shades of red fading into purple capture attention, evoking passion and emotional depth.”

You can find the on the Autumn-Winter 2025-26 Color Trend Book GSC Group LinkedIn page.

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