11 April 2024

TFL publishes 2023 sustainability report

The 2023 sustainability report from leather chemicals group TFL provides a detailed account of its performance throughout the year, showcasing achievements across various operational fronts. By Leatherbiz.

TFL highlights significant strides in employee demographics, production efficiency, environmental sustainability, and safety compliance. Noteworthy successes include achieving diversity and cultural background in its workforce, operating across 8 production sites, and attaining a perfect 100% completion rate in its compliance program.

Additionally, it demonstrated proactive measures in reducing carbon emissions by 21%, expanding its bio-based product range by 18%, and responsibly managing water resources with a 20% reduction in total water withdrawal. The company’s safety performance, with an accident frequency rate of 0.38, underscores its commitment to a robust safety culture.

TFL’s dedication to excellence and responsible practices reinforces its reputation as a conscientious corporate entity. Looking forward, TFL pledges to further improve its performance and make positive contributions to its industry and society.

In 2022, TFL set sustainability goals targeting a 100% compliance program completion rate, reduction of accidents and greenhouse gas emissions, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. The company also aimed for 100% ZDHC gateway level 3 certified products and increased sales of products with over 50% bio-based content. To meet these objectives, TFL outlined strategies such as advancing recycling concepts, reducing energy consumption, focusing on R&D for bio-based solutions, and exploring partnerships in environmentally friendly tanning technologies. TFL conducted a materiality analysis to identify crucial issues including compliance, employee performance, health and safety, and sustainable production.

In recognition of its sustainability efforts, TFL received the EcoVadis silver medal in 2023, an improvement from its prior assessment.

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