25 March 2024

APLF 2024 comes to an end

The 40th anniversary edition of APLF officially closed on March 21. Returning to its home base of Hong Kong after five years, the show was well received by exhibitors and visitors alike.  By Leatherbiz

The mood at the show was generally positive, especially considering the current backdrop of the state of trade around the world. Conversations on the stands offered encouragement and there was a consensus that demand for leather seemed to be increasing. Many commentators felt that the second half of the year would see an improvement in business volume.

With 739 exhibitors across the three business sectors of leather, materials and fashion, the leather halls had the largest exhibitor profile with approximately 500 exhibiting companies.

APLF event director, Grace Lee, told leatherbiz that while full data is not yet available, visitor numbers for days one and two were very similar to the 2019 event, the last time it was held in Hong Kong.

Ms Lee went on to say: “It is an important platform for the global industry to meet under one roof.” She added that the organisers look forward “to welcoming everyone back in 2025”.

Next year’s event is scheduled to take place from March 12-14.

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