1 February 2024

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - Self-created problems can inhibit creativity

We published a new edition of the Leatherbiz Market Intelligence newsletter on January 30, offering, as always, exclusive analysis of the situation in the international leather pipeline.

Sadly, this new report says there are few reasons to hope that the pressures on the leather market might soon ease. It points out that, in Europe, pressure from politicians and NGOs is not letting up, while in regions where this pressure is still significantly lower, the problem is that leather is being used less and less in mass production anyway.

Market Intelligence goes on to argue that, to some extent, the leather industry is tightening the pressure itself “with a multitude of different, self-created problems”.

Even when the effects of microplastics are being discussed almost daily, the leather industry is still not able effectively to present leather as an alternative material suitable for mass production.

Meanwhile, what it calls “the certification industry” is growing, with new parameters for certifying aspects of leather production that it insists are already regulated by law. “This is tying up energy, inhibiting creativity at the same time as leather production is shrinking,” the newsletter complains.

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