24 January 2024

Italy - Sistema Moda Italia withdraws from Cofindustria Moda

Sistema Moda Italia is no longer part of the Italian Federation of Textiles, Fashion and Accessories (Cofindustria Moda). The need to respond quickly to new European regulations was at the heart of the decision, reports World Footwear.

The Textile and Fashion Association, which represents just under 50 000 companies in the Italian sector, is no longer part of the Federation. Cofindustria now only includes Assocalzaturifici (Italian Footwear Manufacturers’ Association), Anfao (National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers), Assopellettieri (Italian Leather Goods Association), Aip (Italian Fur Association) and Unic (Italian Tanneries).

The collaboration between Sistema Moda and Cofindustria will continue, but especially in terms of representation at the European Union level, “the Federation and the association will operate in full autonomy”.

“We are building a new fashion system. We have exercised our right of withdrawal due to the evolution of scenarios: faced with European regulations that require the textile sector and clothing processes and paths with different timings from other sectors, we must proceed in a way that is more suited to the needs of the sector”, explained the President of Sistema Moda Italia, Sergio Tamborini.

This departure led to the resignation of Cofindustria Moda’s President Ercole Botto Poala. The position will be temporarily filled by Vice President Annarita Pilotti.

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