14 December 2023

Sustainability - Royal Smit & Zoon achieves EcoVadis Platinum rating

Leather chemicals business Royal Smit & Zoon has been awarded with the EcoVadis Platinum rating, improving from an existing Gold rating.

The company has been assessed by EcoVadis for over five years, and achieved a Gold rating in 2021 and 2022. The new rating is an improvement of 15 points from 2022, reflecting the business’ sustainability improvements.

With an overall score of 82/100, Royal Smit & Zoon achieved a score of 90 for environment, 80 for labour and human rights, 80 for ethics and 60 for sustainable procurement.

ESG Director Aukje Berden said: “We are really proud to achieve our first Platinum rating. Doing EcoVadis’ rigorous assessment for more than five years already demonstrates clearly how committed we are to ongoing improvements. While the journey to this score is not easy, it is also an encouragement to continue our efforts hand in hand with all our stakeholders.

“Our goal is to maintain this EcoVadis Platinum rating, while considering it as a journey and continuously keep on moving forward with our ESG ambitions. In the spirit of our mission, we want to continue to raise the bar in terms of sustainability, while collaborating for a futureproof leather industry.”

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