13 November 2023

Repurposing - Emirates launches upcycled capsule collection


Dubai based Emirates Airlines has announced the launch of a unique capsule collection that includes suitcases, backpacks, and even shoes, writes Leatherbiz.


The exclusive ‘Aircrafted by Emirates’ range has been designed and handmade by Emirates tailors in a dedicated cabin workshop at the Emirates Engineering facility in Dubai.


The collection offers a “unique opportunity to own a piece of history”, as the materials used to craft the products have been gathered from the iconic Emirates A380, as well as from 777 aircraft. The collection features repurposed materials such as leather from couches in the Emirates onboard lounge, first-class seats, seatbelts, and even fur from the captain’s seat. More than 14,000kg of materials have already been recovered from 16 retrofitted aircraft, and as the project continues, there is scope to recover up to 270kg of leather and 627kg of seat fabric per retrofitted aircraft.


The luggage and bags are handmade to order, allowing customers to request personalised laser engraving on some unique, one-of-a-kind bags, suitcases, or document holders. All fabrics are freshly laundered and then further deep cleaned by hand, leather-conditioned if required, and thoroughly disinfected before being sewn into unique pieces, with the addition of new linings and zippers.


The range is expected to be sold in 2024 at Emirates Official Stores, and all proceeds will be donated to children in need through the Emirates Airline Foundation. A selection of bags and accessories will also be displayed at the Dubai Airshow, from November 13 to 17, on the Emirates stand.

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