26 October 2023

Leather means decarbonisation


Dr Dietrich Tegtmeyer writes on Linkedin that according to FAO statistics about 350 million cattle hides are generated annually by the meat industry. If they would bio-degrade back to carbon dioxide following the natural cycle about ca. 4.5 million tons biogenic CO2 will be released again.

The production of Leather could be a solution to decarbonise this massive CO2 tonnage emission.

Every year about 190 Mio hides are processed to leather, a long lasting and highly versatile material. The leather manufacturing process therefore captures about 2.5 Mio tons of CO2 for many years – this is a form of Decarbonisation.

Instead promoting the so-called “vegan” or fossil based plastic alternatives, it should be a priority to process even the remaining number of available cattle hides to a usable leather.

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