16 October 2023

Boxmark harnessing cocoa shells for circular production


Austrian leather manufacturer Boxmark has reinforced its commitment to circularity with statements regarding its Organix innovation, writes Leatherbiz.

Through the use of a unique combination of lignin sulfonate and cocoa shells, the company is able to transform organic waste into high-quality leather. The production process forms part of their “socio-ecological” X-Eco range, a system of recyclable, sustainable and compostable vegetable tannages.

Lignin sulfonate, a biopolymer that is CO2-neutral, is a byproduct of the paper industry and is produced globally to the tune of around 50 million tonnes each year. Using material from an Austrian paper manufacturer, it serves as an effective tanning agent without the need for further processing. Additionally, cocoa shells, which are typically discarded through incineration or composting, are a valuable secondary raw material that is used as a vegetable tanning agent.

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