5 October 2023

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - Major change is on the way

We published our latest Leatherbiz Market Intelligence newsletter on October 3.

It begins with impressions from Milan, which reflect the broadly positive mood at the Lineapelle exhibition last month. However, the newsletter makes the point that Lineapelle is a special fair in that it focuses almost entirely on high-quality and special articles from Europe.

It goes on to say that the mood in the rest of the industry seems far less bright. In fact, Market Intelligence suggests in this latest newsletter that the global leather industry could be on the brink of fundamental change.

It makes the point that major changes have tended to arise in the leather industry every 10 or 15 years and that the industry always finds a way to go with the flow and re-establish itself.

It says the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine may have delayed the next big change, but that “it now looks like there is a need for quick action and decisions”.

Indications are that the changes are likely to result in less leather manufacturing in Europe and more in other parts of the world where production costs are cheaper and political pressures less intense.

Its conclusion is: “We are sure that many companies are now adapting to this situation and making the necessary preparations. The leather industry is known to be an industry that is excellent at dealing with change and development. Its resilience has always been impressive and we are sure that this time, too, there will be surprising and successful solutions, even if this does not apply to everyone.”

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