27 September 2023

Leather UK - Launch of “A Guide to Buying Leather” for Gen Z

Industry trade body Leather UK has announced an online resource aimed at helping younger Gen Z consumers understand the misconceptions and the truth about leather, reports ILM.


“A Guide to Buying Leather”, found on the Leather UK website, includes information to “empower young shoppers with the facts to cut through meaningless marketing terms and navigate the minefield of misinformation about leather”.

This includes facts on the composition of “vegan leather” materials, how to identify real leather products, why leather is a sustainable choice and more.

Leather UK Director Dr Kerry Senior said: “We take every opportunity we can to tackle the confusion that surrounds leather. Many people have now got the message that they need to buy better quality clothes that last longer, but they are less likely to know how to do that in practice. Trying to get your head around all the different terms garment manufacturers use can make it hard to make the right choice.”

You can find the guide on the Leather UK website.

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