26 September 2023

Sustainable Leather Forum in Paris - PPE and the importance of CSR

SLFParis2023 🇬🇧 Round table 3 “In what ways are the personal protective equipment sectors, and more particularly the safety footwear and protective glove sectors, pioneers in CSR?

Pierre Mischel, Chief Operating Officer at Lemaitre Sécurité SAS, talked about the substantial investments the company made in 2016 to set up a new factory 4.0 as part of its approach to CSR. He also mentioned the steps taken to commit to a responsible production chain; the analysis tools used to establish the requirements for their « Lemaitre Safety Green » label; the services offered (and any difficulties encountered) to develop circularity and end-of-life management for personal protective equipment, notably as part of the «Lemaitre Circular» project; and the new « Circular Footwear Alliance » programme, which takes the measure of circularity issues on a European scale.

Nicolas Mille, CEO of Gaston MILLE, retraced his company’s history as a pioneer in CSR, emphasising the «made in France” aspect of its products. This is the company’s strong point and a key element in CSR that is not always easy to maintain. He also explained the main features of the quasi-certification that is the CE marking, which imposes a set of binding European regulations that apply to safety footwear and are set to be extended to the fashion and sports sectors. He reminded attendees of the major hazards avoided in the workplace thanks to safety footwear.

Stephane Rostaing, CEO of Rostaing SAS, spoke of the CSR and « Made in France » principles introduced long ago by his now two-hundred-year-old company. He detailed the CE marking requirements for gloves designed to protect workers in construction and logistics. He mentioned the French AGEC law that will soon apply to gardening and DIY products sold to consumers, and how the company is approaching this next step. Ditto for the stricter requirements applicable to PPE used by public authorities, particularly firefighters. Finally, he shared his views on the ROI of innovation and CSR, both with customers and in the context of public procuremen.

Caroline Krug, CEO of Tanneries Pechdo, Millau, spoke about the main environmental constraints facing leather production, and the requirements of CSR. She also explained how other safety requirements help to make their PPE, such as gloves, more sustainable. She described the extent to which her company’s strong commitment to innovation, to « Made in France », and to traditional know-how, is an asset when it comes to marketing or to obtaining public contracts. She spoke about her top criteria in carefully managing a supply chain that meets her quality standards: French origin, traceability, animal welfare. Finally, she mentioned having obtained the LWG label, guaranteeing the quality and CSR compliance of the company’s products.

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