20 September 2023

Epson sustainable printing technology

The Japanese company launched its new SureColor F2200 and UV SureColor V7000 printing solutions. It also presented the “Rethink your style” initiative that promotes the use of more environmentally friendly techniques and materials and the revaluation of waste, writes CueroAmérica.

The SureColor F2200 printer with the DTG (direct to garment) system is a highly flexible machine that provides precision with fast turnaround times. With it, complex prints can be made with an increase in productivity of up to 25% on light garments and up to 15% on dark garments.

The SureColor V7000 UV flatbed printer is designed to produce long-lasting images on a wide range of substrates with superior color and print quality. Prints on many types of media such as fabrics, leathers, synthetics and also on rigid substrates.

Additionally, this printer uses 800 ml UltraChrome DG2 ink containers (the previous version used 600 ml bags) which reduces the frequency of refills as well as reducing the amount of waste. The associated software is Garment Creator 2, which is sold together with the equipment.

During the presentation that took place at the latest edition of C!Print in Madrid, Jordi Yagues, spokesperson for Epson Ibérica, pointed out that “as can be seen at our stand, which is in itself an example of printing with recycled materials and more ecological, Epson’s commitment to sustainability and its customers is total. The combination of great creative ideas, recycled or circular economy materials and lower impact digital printing technology with a PrecisionCore had is the most sustainable alternative.”

At that same fair, Epson presented the “Rethink your style” project. This new company initiative aims to encourage new design talents in a sustainable framework where recycled materials are used and waste is revalued. The company also participated in the Sustainability Roundtable and gave a conference on textile printing.

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