14 September 2023

Events - Programme for UITIC Congress complete

The International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC) has confirmed the programme for the twenty-first International Footwear Congress, which will go ahead in northern Italy from September 19-22, writes Footwearbiz.

An optional day of factory visits will fill the programme for the first day, with three choices available.

Suppliers of chemicals, fabrics and components in and around Milan will open their doors to some of the UITIC Congress delegates, as will two facilities, one in Bergamo and one in Milan, that are focused on the future of manufacturing. The third option will be to visit footwear factories near Milan, followed by a tour of the CIMAC testing and certification laboratory in Vigevano.

On September 20, delegates will travel to the Rho Exhibition Centre in Milan to spend the day at the Simac Tanning-Tech exhibition.

Congress sessions on innovation, the materials of tomorrow, digital transformation and human capital will follow on September 21. That same evening, delegates will attend a gala dinner in Vigevano Castle.

Conference sessions on the morning of September 22 will be devoted to sustainability.

Breaks during all of the conference sessions will also offer delegates a chance to engage with research institutions, technology and service providers who will set up stalls in a new feature that UITIC has called Innovation Showcase.

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